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Bachelor of Science in Unmanned Systems Applications

As one of the first degree programs to focus on this burgeoning field, the Bachelor of Science in Unmanned Systems Applications (BSUSA) degree is a 120-credit hour program that focuses on the growth, innovative development, and effective use of unmanned system technology across the respective domains (air, space, ground, and maritime). The focused curriculum addresses major challenges within the industry, including interoperability, autonomy, airspace integration, communications, education and training, propulsion and power, teaming, and regulation. Students will choose from three distinct learning tracks:

  • Administration — Focuses on managerial aspects of unmanned systems applications.
  • Operations — Focuses on task oriented mission planning and execution in unmanned systems operations.
  • Development — Focuses on engineering and design aspects of unmanned systems. 

Once the domain of military and government agencies, unmanned systems have entered the civilian and commercial sectors and are transforming the world as we know it. From the driverless cars roaming our streets to the unmanned aircraft soaring through our skies to the robotic rovers operating on distant planetary bodies, leading enterprises all over the world rely on unmanned systems for critical aspects of their operations. Yet we’ve only scratched the surface of what these systems can do.

BSUSA graduates will be prepared to help develop and apply the advanced technologies necessary to support the growing and dynamic needs of the industry. They will also be qualified to help guide the policies and regulations that govern this emerging field.

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