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Master of Science in Information Security and Assurance

Become the leader that business is looking for

Information drives the bottom line in today’s business environment. However, complex, emerging threats to information quality and security make it difficult to protect a company’s profits, performance and reputation. Add to this a scarcity of high-level leaders who grasp both the technical and business aspects of information assurance, and we face the prospect of a perfect storm of information risks.

Offered through our College of Business, the new Master of Science in Information Security & Assurance (MSISA) is designed for professionals who aspire to leadership positions in the information security arena. While the majority of information security degrees focus solely on technical aspects, the MSISA balances technical knowledge with business management principles. In addition to understanding the technology behind information security, you will learn how information security drives enterprise-wide strategy and success.

According to the RAND Corporation, the shortage in information security and assurance personnel is primarily at the high end of the capability scale.

To meet the demands of busy professionals, the MSISA is offered in multiple instructional modalities, including entirely online. You will have the flexibility to study from anywhere at any time. You can also customize your career path by choosing from three concentrations that are particularly relevant in today’s business climate:

  • Protecting Business Intelligence
  • Information Systems Security
  • Information Assurance in a Global Context

Another advantage of the MSISA is an interdisciplinary approach that makes the learning applicable to any industry. In any field in which business success depends on effective information, the MSISA prepares you to excel as a strong decision maker driving enterprise-wide policies.

Career Areas

There is a broad consensus on the shortage of business-savvy professionals with information security and assurance capabilities, which is that good cybersecurity people are in high demand. Virtually all industries and government sectors are looking for individuals with immediately applicable skills such as:  

  • Business Intelligence
  • Configuration Management & Control
  • Decision Support
  • Information Assurance
  • Information Management
  • Information Quality
  • Information Risk Management
  • Information Security Policy
  • Information Systems Audit
  • Information Systems Governance
  • Risk Analysis
  • Security Planning
Program Objectives

The MSISA curriculum imparts a balance of management and technical knowledge, offering courses in management, information security policy, privacy and other topics essential for the effective development and management of secure information systems. Successful graduates will develop the following skills and abilities:

  • Protect and enhance an organization’s ability to achieve strategic, tactical and operational goals.
  • Develop, coordinate and protect information and knowledge resources.
  • Apply key business methodologies and enterprise models in the context of changing requirements.
  • Establish policies and mechanisms to develop, acquire, and operate sustainable and secure information infrastructures.
  • Recognize the interdisciplinary aspects of information assurance, information systems, and enterprise security.
  • Assess the ethical, legal, technological and professional perspectives of information systems decision making.
Degree Requirements
Course / TitleCredits
MISA 501 Assured Business Systems: Managing and Protecting the Information Systems Enterprise3
MISA 502 Risk Management and Business Continuity3
MISA 503 Informatics: Security Implications of Cross-Disciplinary Computing3
MISA 504 Enterprise Systems Architectures for Information Assurance3
MISA 505 Incident Management and Information Forensics3
MISA 506 Cyber Law, Cyber Compliance, and Information Assurance3
MISA 507 Quality Management for Information Assurance3
Total Credits21

Course / TitleCredits
Choose three courses from the list of concentrations.
Total Degree Requirements30


Protecting Business Intelligence Specialization
Course / TitleCredits
MMIS 521 Assuring Information Integrity in Data Warehousing/Mining3
MMIS 522 Social Media, Business and Web Analytics: Information Assurance Implications3
MISA 523 Information Advantage -- Defensive: Countering Self-Deception and External Deceptions3

Information Systems Security Specialization
Course / TitleCredits
MISA 531 Secure Information Systems Design3
MISA 532 Integrated Threat Warning and Attack Assessment for Enterprise Information Systems3
MISA 533 Product and Systems Safety and Reliability: Issues for Information Assurance3
MISA 534 Aviation / Aerospace Issues for Information Security3

Information Assurance in a Global Context Specialization
Course / TitleCredits
MISA 541 International Considerations for Information Assurance and Protection3
MMIS 561 Global Information and Technology Management3
MISA 543 Assured Strategic Messaging: Keeping the Message Intact and Effective3
MISA 544 The High-Reliability Enterprise Model3
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