European Worldwide Graduation

Celebrating our European Class of 2014

Embry-Riddle’s European campuses recently celebrated commencement for the graduating Class of 2014 at Lufthansa Training and Conference Center. Aviation and administrative law consultant and academic Prof. Dr. iur. Elmar M. Giemulla, the keynote speaker, gave the graduates plenty to think about before they received their diplomas.

He shared the following life lessons:

  • There is no wrong decision as long as you can build up. Find out what you really want!
  • Stick to your decisions. The world is not a closed shop. Even though nobody is waiting just for you, you can open the world for yourself. Create your own chances!
  • Try to communicate and overcome prejudices.
  • Dare something. Be aware that being a hero inevitably means feeling extremely bad before. Be fair to others, and keep your promises.
  • Life has so many things in store for us which seem to be contradictory just at first glance. In reality they very often go together: Death and life; sadness and happiness; feeling your own weakness and being a hero, sacrificing and getting stronger.

See the highlights of the ceremony.

Embry-Riddle is proud to be able to offer European students fully accredited aviation and aerospace programs and looks forward to expanding programs in the coming years.