The New EASA Basic Regulation

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February 21-23, 2019
ERAU Berlin Campus, Kurfürstenstr. 56,10785 Berlin

Day 1

  1. The position, role and tasks of EASA in the European Aviation System (and what is the main difference with the FAA as the USA aviation Safety regulator)
  2. The relation between ICAO – EASA- and the European Member States and who is responsible for what.
  3. The role of the aviation industry in the regulatory process.
  4. EASA rulemaking process and explanation of the consultation process with the aviation industry and general public.
  5. The decision-making process of the European Union on the EASA rulemaking proposals.

Day 2

How to influence the rulemaking process from ‘the start of developing the rules till the decision making by the European Commission/ the European Parliament and the council of ministers.

The differences between the EASA Basic Regulation 2002-June 2018 and the new EASA Basic regulation. What are the main differences and what does it mean for the States and the aviation Industry and users of the aviation system (commercial and non-commercial)

Day 3

The European Aviation Safety Program, the European Aviation Safety Plan and the implementation in cooperation with the European States.

The Multi-annual EASA rulemaking plan and why is it important to monitor the program for your business / activities.

  • Navigate on the EASA website to find the relevant documentation.
  • How to present your view on proposals from EASA for new rulemaking topics Navigate on the website of the European Commission/ parliament etc. to find the relevant policy documents.

Instructor: Jules Kneepkens

The presenter of the course has worked at all levels at National, regional and worldwide level in developing and decision making on aviation regulations in the areas of safety, environment, economically and security regulations. His experience of almost three decades will be reflected in the high quality of the course(s) as well in the practical examples he can provide the participants with on how the regulatory system does work in the European context.

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