Introduction to MATLAB®

A man and a woman look at coding on three computer screens.

May 24-25, 2018 at 9 a.m.

This two-day short course is an in-depth introduction to MATLAB®. No programming and knowledge about MATLAB® is expected. The course is designed to give participants fluency in MATLAB® and to have interactive lectures with students working on MATLAB® problems. It has many hands-on practical examples and is aimed towards participants working or conducting research in scientific computing. After completing the short course, students will be able program in MATLAB® with confidence.

Some of the topics covered in the course include: MATLAB® concepts, data types, structures, cells, use of functions, vector/array operation, processing strings, graphical displaying, File I/O, code optimization (vectorization, memory management), toolboxes, developing Graphical User Interface (GUIs), handle graphics, and many more.

Dr. Ilteris DemirkiranInstructor: Dr. Ilteris Demirkiran

Short Biography: he course is taught by Dr. Ilteris Demirkiran, who is currently a tenured professor of electrical, computer, software, and system engineering department at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU). He is known for his excellent teaching by faculty and students alike. During the Spring 2010 Faculty Assembly, Dr. Demirkiran was recognized with the campus' Outstanding Teaching Award at ERAU. His current research interests are in weak signal detection, nonlinearities, and spread spectrum communications systems. He utilizes MATLAB® in his research. To register for the course, please email

Cost: €1800 +19% VAT